The dabl Blood Pressure Clinical Trial (BPCT) System and 24-hour ABPM Device Logistics Services for clinical research

dabl is a globally recognised provider of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement Systems and Services (ABPM) for multi-site clinical trials for cardiac safety and for ambulatory blood pressure endpoints. The dabl BPCT system has been able to provide high quality evaluable blood pressure data to the sponsors of Diabetes, Dyslipidemia & Hypoglycemia studies; Obesity treatment program studies; Parkinson's Disease studies and many other therapy studies together with ancillary ABPM device logistical and technical support services to trial sites throughout multi-trial site multi-national studies from initial clinical trial phases through to pivotal phases.
The system offers a comprehensive range of statistics relating to blood pressure and cardiovascular outcome. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) is used to test anti-hypertensive drug efficacy and as a cardiac safety biomarker in non - Cardiovascular trials. To accurately monitor the effects of drugs or renal denervation procedures on blood pressure, dabl provides unmatched blood pressure expertise, including ABPM, from protocol development advice, through to analysis of results for Phase I to IV Clinical Trials.

Achieves 100% Evaluable Data

Optimising the results of Clinical Trials by delivering up to 100% Evaluable Data

The dabl system provides immediate validation of Blood Pressure Results offering up to 100% Evaluable Data. It is easily configurable to the requirements of each protocol and links to a range of validated blood pressure monitoring devices.

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Complete Clinical Trial Solutions for Blood Pressure Data – Office & Home

The dabl system provides an End to End solution throughout the Clinical Trial Process and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitates the remote uninterrupted gathering of ABPM data without the need for trial investigators or subjects to leave home.

dabl Clinical Trial Solutions

The dabl systems offers advanced & highly cost effective solutions for the collection and automatic validation of Blood Pressure results in multi-site Clincal Trials. Our online systems are configured to the protocol of each study…

Our ABPM Technology

ABPM is the gold Standard for measuring Blood Pressure Data in Clinical Trials – dabl Systems are the Gold Standard for Analysing and Presenting this data in accordance with Trial Protocol. Find out more about dabl Science.

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