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dabl develops online cardiovascular disease management systems in collaboration with a number of international centres of excellence. These expert systems aid the prevention and management of high blood pressure, stroke, heart-attack and a range of other cardiovascular conditions.

dabl online services enable pharmacies to increase their healthcare business and promote customer loyalty. dabl ABPM Pharmacy is an important diagnostic added-value health service.

“I am very happy with the service due to its simplicity and efficiency.  Thanks to dabl ABPM Pharmacy AFAM Pharmacies have been successful in improving the quality of our 24-hr ABPM service.  Now, the whole procedure is done very quickly and smoothly.”

Giulio Severi, Managing Director, AFAM, Italy

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    What is ABPM?

    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is a non-invasive technique by which multiple indirect blood pressure readings can be obtained automatically over a 24-hour period with minimal intrusion into a patient's daily activities.

    What is it used for?

    The dabl Healthcare Management ABPM system makes, what is a very complex area, very simple for the pharmacists and primary care providers to offer. Within seconds of uploading the data from an ABPM device, the dabl system will immediately provide you with a full diagnostic blood pressure report.


    Pharmacies have becoming an important contributor to the management of patients with chronic diseases. dabl has the systems for you to provide those important services to your customers which will enable you to increase your healthcare business and promote customer loyalty.

    Primary Care Physicians

    For the primary care physician and community clinic, dabl provides a range of cardiovascular healthcare systems for the prevention and management of high blood pressure, stroke and a range of other cardiovascular diseases. All systems are designed and developed to the highest possible standard and you are always guaranteed to have access to the most up-to-date expert systems in accordance with international guidelines.

    Accurate Diagnosis

    The dabl ABPM system is recognised internationally as the only expert online system for the most accurate diagnosis and management of hypertension using 24-hr ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement) and is most suitable for those clinics that may not have the expertise to interpret 24-hour blood pressure readings.