dabl® Clinical Trial Solutions

Complete Solution for Management of Blood Pressure Data

The dabl system offers cost effective solutions for the centralised collection and automatic validation of Blood Pressure results in multi-site Clinical Trials. Our online systems are configured to the protocol of each study, enabling faster trial site set-up and close out.

Achieves up to 100% evaluable data when uploaded or entered
Customisable to Trial Protocol
Automatic and instant validation of data
Accelerates study start up with pre-configured devices.
Full training provided
Supports a range of ABPM, Office & Home Blood pressure Devices
Produces tailored reports to enable trial performance tracking
Achieves significant cost savings and efficiencies in the overall clinical trial cycle

The range of dabl services may be customised to meet the requirements of each trial:

Expert advice & assistance on the blood pressure aspects of study design
Comprehensive logistics service to source and supply validated devices
The dabl ABPM system is the only solution that integrates with a range of validated devices. We will work with you to evaluate and recommend a device that is appropriate for the needs of the Clinical Trial

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    Why choose the dabl® system?

    Complete Clinical Trial Solutions for Blood Pressure Data – Office & Home

    Collecting ABPM data can be difficult, costly and prone to error, particularly in multi-site trials where the protocol requirements are complex. The dabl Clinical Trials Management System revolutionises this process and helps to achieve 100% evaluable blood pressure data uploaded in the course of the trial.

    Customised To Protocol

    Our systems, training and supports are configured to each study protocol, forcing adherence. This accelerates study set up and significantly reduces overall trial costs

    Greater Patient Retention

    Blood pressure results are instantly validated when the patient returns to site. This ensures better user experience and greater patient retention.

    Higher Quality Data

    The dabl system typically achieves the capture of up to 100% evaluable data. The integrity of this data is guaranteed as it cannot be tampered with at any stage.

    Intuitive & Easy To Use

    The dabl system has prompts to guide the user through the process, minimising human error and ensuring protocol compliance. Full training is provided.

    Round-The-Clock Service

    In addition to providing a world class solution for the capture and management of ABPM data for Clinical Trials, dabl also provides a full logistics management service which includes sourcing, distribution and management of all devices required along with full 24/7/365 human to human customer support service.

    Data Analysis

    Instant validation of uploaded and manually entered data with customisable analytics reports. Supports Risk Based Management

    Features of dabl CTMS Solution 

    Some of the key features of the dabl system for ABPM and HBPM include:

    System customisation The dabl system can be customised to suit the specific requirements of any research protocol.
    Centrally hosted Data is encrypted and transmitted securely online to a central database.
    Standardised format Data loaded from blood pressure devices is accessed, stored and presented in a standardised format,
    Ease of implementation The only requirement is broadband access to the internet in a Microsoft Windows environment. 
    No local IT requirements No software is installed locally, no local server required.
    Ease of use All dabl systems are designed to be user-friendly.  Minimum training required which is important in a multi-centre trial. 
    Role specific access Access can be tailored for investigators, CRA’s, supervisors and monitors.
    High level of security Includes user authentication, data encryption, and auditing controls.
    Disaster Recovery Data is backed up automatically on a daily basis.  Disaster Recovery plans guarantee against data loss and efficient restoration of access.
    Auditing A full history of “who did what, where and when” for all data entries and changes.
    Custom reporting Tailored to requirements.
    Devices We have partnerships with a number of device manufacturers which enables us to supply a complete ABPM and HBPM solution including devices.  dabl links to a wide range of validated devices.  For more information on validated blood pressure devices, go to the dabl Educational Trust website, of which dabl is a founding sponsor.

    Benefits of dabl CTMS  

    Our international customers have enjoyed many unique benefits by working with us, over the past decade, including:

    Overall lower costs  
    Lower data collection and technology costs Designed to provide faster, more efficient collection and processing of information, dabl centrally hosted systems lower data collection and technology costs.  This can be very significant in multi-centre and multinational studies.
    Significant cost savings The online service, coupled with the speed and accuracy of immediate and automatic verification, validation and reporting of data, enables significant cost savings compared to manual systems.
    Links to range of devices This can reduce the capital investment in equipment. 
    Expert online technology  
    Automatic interpretative analysis of ABPM data dabl is the only system to provide automatic interpretative analysis of ABPM readings in accordance with the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) guidelines.
    Enhanced data security The dabl online system for ABPM and HBPM improves data security and disaster recovery. Secure access and user authentication assures data protection. Chief Investigators can have instant and direct access (from anywhere) to data, where it is required.
    Differentiated user role and privileges Investigators, supervisors, and monitors can have different access privileges, depending on their requirements and involvement.
    Superior data integrity All data is electronically signed to provide a guarantee that it has not been tampered with.
    Immediate results  
    Data verified in real time Data is automatically verified in real time in accordance with the study protocol. Ensuring the completeness of each recording removes the expense of manual verification and data cleaning.
    Data immediately validated Both manually entered data and automatically uploaded data are validated immediately according to the protocol requirements ensuring its correctness.
    Quick adverse event capture Should the level or change in any data indicate an adverse event the system will provide an appropriate warning with automatic notifications as required.