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Smart Wearables to Disrupt Clinical Trials

Smart Wearables to Disrupt Clinical Trials

Dublin, Ireland, January 24th 2019 – dabl, a company at the forefront of research and development in Blood Pressure Management and data analysis for almost twenty years, today announce an exciting new collaborative project in Wearable Technology.

As part of a consortium led by Tyndall National Institute dabl will share in $8.7m (€7.5m) to develop Health Tech Solutions based on emerging human-centric intelligent sensors and their communication to support new products.

This is part of the first tranche of a €500m Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund established by the Irish government to stimulate private investment in new technologies.

Bill Rickard, Managing Director of dabl said ‘This is a game changing initiative by the Irish Government and we are delighted to be among the first recipients of the fund.

Blood Pressure is a key bio marker and careful management has been proven to reduce the incidence of stroke and coronary heart disease outcomes. Accurate blood pressure measurement, including 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, which is recognised globally as the gold standard in measuring blood pressure, is essential in clinical management and clinical trials.

Our focus at dabl has always been on innovation and we continuously up-skill to reap the rewards of new research and technologies. In order to remain as market leaders we look forward to working with our partners in the consortium to develop new technologies for the accurate measurement and management of blood pressure and other vital signs.”

Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland, who are providing support in managing calls under the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund, said: “We see every day, through our market offices, how innovation is the key differentiator for Irish companies in competing and winning in global markets. The DTIF provides unique supports to ambitious SMEs and researchers to help them collaborate on the development of innovative technologies that have the potential to transform how markets and businesses work.’


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dabl is an Irish company with global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Specialising in Cardiovascular disease, Blood Pressure data management and data analysis. dabl online systems are acknowledged internationally to be the most advanced online systems available for disease management and clinical trials. .


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